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program and schedule for the 1st PARAMETRIC DESIGN WORKSHOP LEIPZIG


HTWK Leipzig (FH)

    Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 132
    04277 Leipzig

    Blog zum Workshop

    Tram 9, 10, 11
    Tram Station “Karl-Liebknecht-Straße/Richard-Lehmann-Straße”



    Notebooks, GH installed
    Cappa Board A1
    1 A1 print out
    Digital camera for documentation
    1 portable light source per group

HTWK Leipzig

    Working/Exhibition Space
    3D Printer
    Wireless Lan
    White paper for models
    Cappa Board A1 per group


    Introduction Reader to Parametric Design
    Sofware (Grasshopper)
    Small Libary
    Fabricated samples (wooden pipes, paper models)


    Parametric Modelling using Grasshopper Rhino 4.0
    Design of Components
    Fabrication scale 1:1
    Final Presentation/ Exhibition/ Party



9.30 breakfast /opening
10.00 welcome Henning Rambow, introduction “Parametric Design” Verena Vogler
11.00 introduction topics, groups of 2 people, inscription topic
11.30 presentation Dimitrie Stefanescu
12.30 individual discussions in groups, start research
13.30 lunch
15.00 1st Grasshopper tutorial “Parametric Design, surface modelling”
Luis Fraguada, Dimitrie Stefanescu
17.00 “Case Studies”, Ioulietta Zindrou
17.30 work in groups, Grasshopper, technical assistance tutors
20.00 open end


9.30 breakfast
10.00 “Performative Architecture” Maite Bravo
11.00 2nd Grasshopper tutorial “Parametric Surface, Subdivisions”
Luis Fraguada, Dimitrie Stefanescu
13.00 lunch
14.30 work in groups, technical assistance tutors
16.00 3rd Grasshopper Tutorial “Component Modelling” Luis Fraguada, Dimitrie Stefanescu
17.00 Origami Session, Verena Vogler
18.30 work in groups, technical assistance tutors
20.00 open end


9.30 breakfast
10.00 “Introduction Fabrication”, Ioulietta Zindrou
11.00 4th Grasshopper tutorial “Preparation for Fabrication”
Luis Fraguada, Dimitrie Stefanescu
12.00 work in groups, preparation for fabrication
13.00 Lunch
14.30 Start lasercutting (technical assistance HTWK Leipzig)
16.00 work in groups, preparation presentations (A1+ 15 slides)
-20.00 open end


9.30 breakfast
10.00 work in groups “fabrication”, technical assistance
15.00 Presentation, international Jury
19.00 Opening Exhibition at Geutebrück Bau
20.00 party
30.06.2009 (optional participation/visits sponsered by HTWK Leipzig)
10.00 Architectural visit at the “BMW WERK LEIPZIG“ by Zaha Hadid Architects



40 participants, 4 main topics

20 groups-> 5 groups same topic (research in groups of 10 people)

Object size: 4 cutting sheets

Material: white paper 120 gr

1 A1 Panel- explaination idea, process and image final object

Presentation ca. 10 powerpoint slides




Topic 1 “Light Collecting Machine“ / a surface located in a specific location


Given: specific location

Goal: creation of a closed envelope, that captures as much light/heat as possibleand reflects it inside to produce energy (Photosynthesis “Lichtsammelfalle”)


1st light radiation/ intensity of light source

2nd orientation to light source (Angle)

3rd location (distances to light source)

4th “individual parameter” (parameter that students set up)


Topic 2 “Portable Sun Protecting Machine“ (for example: umbrella, hat, visor, mask )


Given: specific end- user

Goal: to create a perfect customized object to protect the user from the sun


1st maximize airflow

2nd orientation to sun (Angle)

3rd parameter user specific

4th “individual parameter”


Topic 3 “Shading Machine“


Given: specifig location or “sight”

Goal: shading machine that creates an optimum shadow (size, shape, pattern)on a secondary surface (floor, wall, person)


1st orientation to light source

2nd size of the reference area to project on

3rd number of openings (pattern)

4th “individual parameter”


Topic 4 “Movement“ (advanced)


Given: planar surface, components 4 flexible corner points

Goal: to create a flexible device that is able to increse and decrease the amount oflight passing through


1st orientation to light source

2nd maximal movement of flexible rectangles

3rd number of rectangles

4th “individual parameter”

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