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20th Century Europe - waiting for the barbarians or a brave new world?

Dr. John Flanagan


A common lament in the USSR was: ‘the future is known, but the past keeps changing’ and in the decade following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the emergence of the former satellite states into a more democratic world, this aphorism seemed to hold true. However, from our present standpoint in the new century, the future has never seemed less certain, whilst the immediate past – the twentieth century – is not so much in danger of being forgotten, but of either being remembered mistakenly or else celebrated for the wrong reasons.

This programme will encourage students to engage with the history of the twentieth century, not in terms of national viewpoints, but rather as a heritage shared across Europe; it will involve learners examining the past in both chronological and thematic focus; and above all it will require that participants think about the past not only as a lost world, but also as recent station in the journey that humankind is embarked upon.


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Mittwochs, ab 18.10.17 (12 Termine), 13:45 - 15:15 Uhr


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