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Academic degrees at HTWK Leipzig

As stipulated by the Bologna Process, degree programmes at HTWK Leipzig are split into two cycles and culminate in internationally recognised Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Graduation requirements include passing all module exams and completing a written thesis.

Final examStandard time to degree
two-tiered degree structure leading to

  • a Bachelor's, or
    First Cycle Degree (FCD)
Bachelor exam6 - 8 semesters
(180 - 240 ECTS points)
  • a Master's, or
    Second Cycle Degree (SCD)
Master exam2 - 4 Semester
(60 - 120 ECTS points)

Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes are divided into modules. Modules are academic units comprised of thematically related courses – e.g. lectures, seminars and practical sessions. Each semesters consists of several modules, and one module can take a maximum of two semesters to complete.

Credit points are awarded for each successfully completed module. In order to finish their studies, students must obtain the total amount of credit required by their programme. At HTWK Leipzig, students earn a Master’s degree after completing a total of 10 semesters (standard time to degree) or a total of 300 ECTS points.

The specific structure and curriculum of each Bachelor’s or Master’s programme are determined by the study regulations for the respective programme. Exams are conducted on an ongoing basis throughout the course and in accordance with the examination regulations. After completing the required coursework and passing all of the exams, students are graduated and awarded an academic degree, e.g. Bachelor of Science or Master of Engineering.

In addition to so-called consecutive Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes (i.e. closely interrelated programmes designed to build on one another), HTWK Leipzig also offers non-consecutive Master’s programmes, i.e. specialised interdisciplinary stand-alone programmes that are not based on a specific undergraduate programme. In addition, there are continuing education Master’s programmes designed for applicants with an undergraduate degree and at least one year of relevant full-time work experience.

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