Cash flow, balancing, marketing – these are terms we hear every day, but what do they actually mean? Studying in small groups, students at the Faculty of Business Administration acquire knowledge and skills in key areas of business administration such as procurement, production, marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, taxation and controlling. The curriculum also features courses in law and economics. Additionally, a special communication and practical training programme, along with foreign language classes, has been introduced to provide students with the required social skills.

Safeguarding and improving the high quality of education and adapting it to evolving business needs are key priorities at the Faculty of Business Administration. With the skills gained during their studies, our graduates face excellent employment opportunities on the national and international labour market. Alternatively, they may use their skills to start a successful career as self-employed entrepreneurs.

The Faculty collaborates closely with a wide range of businesses to bring research and teaching in line with professional practice. These business connections allow our professors to double-check whether what they teach is still relevant to business practice. Students are involved in this ongoing review by working in project groups, completing a practical training phase and researching their final thesis in collaboration with real-world companies. As a result, the curriculum is up to speed with current business needs and designed to reflect economic developments.

Students at the Faculty of Business Administration may take advantage of being based right on central campus. The Faculty's main building, the Zuse Building (named after computer pioneer Konrad Zuse), is located in close proximity to many other key HTWK Leipzig facilities. What is more, the Faculty has a special relationship with the City of Leipzig, one of Germany’s major centres of trade and commerce. The Bachelor's programme in Business Administration, for example, features an elective module in marketing and trade fair management, along with a vast array of other options.

Undergraduate programmes:

  • Business Administration  Bachelor of Arts
  • International Management  Bachelor of Arts
  • Civil Engineering and Management  Bachelor of Science

Postgraduate programmes:

  • Business Administration  Master of Arts
  • Civil Engineering and Management - Master of Science
  • General Management  Master of Arts

For more information on the Faculty of Business Administration and its academic programmes, please refer to the Faculty website.