Places to live in Leipzig

One of the first challenge you will have to master after arriving in Leipzig is finding a place to live. Unlike students in many other countries, students at German universities are not automatically allocated rooms on campus. In fact, German universities generally do not even have student halls of residence located on university grounds, and HTWK Leipzig is no exception to this rule. To be sure, student halls of residence do exist in every university town, and Leipzig is widely known as one of the most affordable in Germany, with plenty of reasonably priced housing opportunities to suit every taste and budget. Generally speaking, HTWK Leipzig students either live in student halls of residence or in private accommodation. 

student halls of residence

There are numerous off-campus student halls of residence in many parts of the city. These are managed by Studentenwerk Leipzig (Leipzig Student Services), an independent organisation that also operates student dining halls and cafeterias. Leipzig Student Services currently provide more than 5,000 furnished rooms in shared and single apartments. Rates vary between €155 and €240 per month and include furniture, Internet access, television and all utility costs, such as water and electricity. 

Living in one of these residence halls is often the least expensive option available, but to secure one, you need to apply well in advance. Applications for residence halls accommodation have to be sent directly to Leipzig Student Services if you enrol in a full degree programme. European exchange students on the Erasmus programme and other exchange students from our partner universities apply online at the Leipzig Student's Services webpage. The International Office informs the non-degree students about the housing within the Letter of Acceptance. Rental agreements are generally made for one year or one semester.

private accommodation and flat shares

The vast majority of Leipzig students live in private flats, which are often nearly as inexpensive as residence hall accommodation because of the city’s affordable rents. This goes even for some of the grand turn-of-the-century houses that are scattered all over the city. You may find anything from empty rooms to fully furnished flats, sometimes sublet by other students going abroad for a term or two. In addition, there are numerous commercial agencies to help you find housing and rooms, though some of them may charge a fee for their services.

Flat shares, or WGs (Wohngemeinschaften) as they say in Germany, are especially popular among students. In a flat share, several people live together, each with their own bedroom, and share the kitchen and the bathroom. Besides being relatively inexpensive, living in a flat share makes it easier for international students to meet Germans and learn the language. Flat shares and other private housing options are typically advertised online and in local newspapers and magazines.