Faculty of architecture and social sciences

Academic programmes at the Faculty of Architecture and Sciences are designed to address the diverse needs of individuals, groups and communities. Helping individually or socially disadvantaged persons does not only require an understanding of social affairs, but profound academic training. Students at the Faculty of Architecture and Social Sciences are introduced to a range of topics from the social sciences and neighbouring disciplines such as law and social medicine.

The Faculty cooperates closely with other institutions. The university and the City of Leipzig, for example, support each other in project-based activities such as the 'GO – Gesund im Osten' research project, which aims to promote a healthy lifestyle among children from disadvantaged and migrant families. Students get actively involved in these different projects and gain important practical insights into the tasks and challenges of their future career field.

The Faculty’s up-to-date facilities enable students to pursue their studies in a modern and practice-oriented environment. Multimedia classrooms and computer labs and an extensive collection of audiovisual media are part of the Faculty’s cutting-edge equipment. Moreover, students may use the Faculty’s education lab and its video editing suite.

The Faculty of Architecture and Social Sciences is housed in the Lipsius Building on HTWK Leipzig’s main campus in Leipzig’s Südvorstadt district.

Undergraduate programmes:

  • Architecture Bachelor of Arts
  • Social Work Bachelor of Arts

Postgraduate programmes:

  • Architecture Master of Arts
  • Social Work Master of Arts

For more information on the Faculty of Architecture and Social Sciences and its academic programmes, please refer to the Faculty website (in German).