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Acronym Finder:

Look up 240,000+ acronyms/abbreviations. Provides full wording of any English acronym or abbreviation.

Cambridge Dictionaries Online
Collins Cobuild
Encarta Encyclopedia online

Encyclopedia Britannica:

72-hour free trial. It's really worth trying. But don't forget to cancel your subscription within the trial period. Otherwise, it might be getting quite expensive.

Encyclopedia Britannica online


Englisch-deutsches Wörterbuch


sehr umfassende englische Wörterbuchdatenbank

Hacking Lexicon:

This document explains what people may mean by words. It does not attempt to define how words should be used.


Best German - English/English - German dictionary on the Web! 310,000+ entries!

Merriam-Webster OnLine:

The complete Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus online - free and searchable with definitions and audio pronunciations. You can also read the Word of the Day, play Word Games.

OneLook Dictionaries:

Search for a word or term in an online Internet dictionary or glossary. Free search access to a frequently updated database of words, terms, names, acronyms vs Internet links to online dictionaries and glossaries.

SANS Glossary of Terms Used in Security and Intrusion Detection

A title that speaks for itself.

Oxford University Press


The Educational Dictionary-Thesaurus. A great resource for learners of English at an intermediate-to-advanced level. Try the advanced search mode!

Wörterbücher im Web

Wörterbücher Russisch:

Deutsch Russisches Worterbuch Allgemeine Lexika

English - Russian Dictionary of Phrases (more than 70 000 entries)

New Abbreviations in Russian Language 1996-1999

New Russian Abbreviations Dictionary

Russian Dictionary of Foreign Words (about 8 000 entries)

English-Russian Dictionary of Slang

English - Russian Student's Dictionary

Wörterbücher Latein:

Anatomical dictionary (Latin-Russian-Latin)
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