Semester Programme: Engineering and Management

Modules in English for International Exchange Students

During the summer semester 2018, we offer various modules in the fields of engineering and managment in English. This semester programme is mainly addressed to students of engineering programmes at our partner universities and is a co-operation between the following faculties and departments at HTWK Leipzig:

  • Faculty of Business Administration
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • Faculty of Computer Science, Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Faculty of Mechanical and Energy Engineering
  • Faculty of Media
  • University Centre for Interdisciplinary Education
  • University Language Centre

Language Requirements

All modules are taught in English. Sufficient proficiency of the English language (B1/B2) is required. Students will be asked to submit proof of English language skills with their application. For further information, please check here.

ECTS Credits

After successfully passing the examinations, students will be awarded 30 ECTS credits for the full semester programme. Between 2 to 5 ECTS credits will be awarded for each module.

German Grading Scale:

1,0 - 1,5 very good (excellent)
1,6 - 2,5 good (considerably above average requirements)
2,6 - 3,5 satisfactory (fulfilling average requirements)
3,6 - 4,0 pass (sufficient, fulfilling requirements despite of lacks)
4,1 - 5,0 fail (no ECTS credits are awarded)

Semester Schedule

Introduction course 'German Language and Culture': 12 March to 30 March 2018
Lecture period: 2 April to 6 July 2018
Examination period: 9 July to 27 July 2018

Introduction Course 'German Language and Culture'

The free introduction course takes place three weeks prior to the beginning of the lecture period (see Academic Calender in German). We organize orientation and cultural events as well as a German course so you will quickly get to know Leipzig, HTWK and your fellow students.

Student Mentoring Programme

To make the arrival at Leipzig and settling in easier, all exchange students get support through a HTWK student mentor. Even before your arrival, a mentor will contact you via email and will help you with questions. He or she will show you around Leipzig and will assist you during your first days in Leipzig.

Student Services and Fees

Further information about housing, costs of living in Leipzig, our student mentoring programme and the semester fee is available in 'Information for Exchange Students'.

There are no tuition fees at HTWK Leipzig, but students are charged a semester fee of currently 205.60 Euro which is used to finance student services and gives students full access to the public transportation system in Leipzig and surrounding areas.

List of Modules

For their Learning Agreement, students may choose up to six modules from the field of 'Engineering', max. two modules from the field of 'Business Administration', at least one module from 'Language' and max. one module from 'General Studies'. The Introduction Course 'German Language and Culture' is mandatory.

For information about the modules, including the prerequisites and the academic level, please refer to the module descriptions in the column on the right side. Please note: If you are currently studying on Bachelor's level and you fulfill the prerequisites for a listed Master's level module, you may attend this Master's level module.

Only a limited number of students can be accepted for the modules. Admission will be granted based on first come, first served.


Business Administration

General Studies


  • Introduction Course 'German Language and Culture' prior to semester start - mandatory (3 ECTS)
  • German Language Course during the semester (2 ECTS)

Application Process

Exchange students from our partner universities need to be nominated by the International Office of their home university for exchange studies at HTWK Leipzig. Additionally, please submit a formal paper application to the International Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt) at HTWK Leipzig including the documents listed below:

  1. Application for admission to non-degree studies (Download)
  2. Learning Agreement – programme of study
  3. Transcript of Records – proof of academic achievements, copy of Bachelor Diploma (Master students only)
  4. Proof of English language skills (Download)
  5. Proof of health insurance (EU students only)
  6. Registration for the introduction course "German Language and Culture" (Download)
  7. Curriculum vitae
  8. Passport photograph (35 mm x 45 mm) no scan please!

Application Deadline: 15 December 2017

Please submit all documents to:

HTWK Leipzig
International Office
Postfach 301166
04251 Leipzig