Student Activities

HTWK Leipzig students are known for being an active and creative bunch. Many are involved in the university politics or in student-run projects that range from music groups and running a TV studio to building a team of championship-winning, soccer-playing robots. The following selection is meant to highlight most of the extracurricular activities you will be welcome to join.


The Nao-Team HTWK Leipzig has been scoring goals with the power of artificial intelligence since 2009. The strangely walking, but undeterred, soccer-playing robots reached the 3rd place in the Standard Platform-League at the RoboCup 2016 in Leipzig. At the moment our team has 7 robots and about 16 robotic-loving computer-science students. Our motivation is to bring the hardware with innovative and creative software to its limits, and of course have a lot of fun doing it! 

Contact: naohtwk (at)

Bridge-Building Contest

Once every year, students at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture challenge each other in a spectacular bridge-building contest. The goal is to design and build model bridges with as much load-bearing capacity as possible. Since the rules for this contest are changed on a regular basis, there is a fresh bridge-building challenge to be mastered every year. After being subject to expert scrutiny, the models are finally tested for their load-bearing capacity with the help of hydraulic presses.

Free beer and Bratwurst are served while onlookers share in the excitement. The winning teams may take home a total of 600 Euro in prize money.

Contact: Dr. thomas.klink (at)

Student Council (StuRa)

The student council (for short: StuRa, stands for StudierendenRat) represents the interests of all students at HTWK Leipzig. It offers advice of all kinds, organises plenty of events, debates finance requests and keeps in touch with all student representatives, committees and student groups. The StuRa enriches our university life enormously and gives us students a voice.

The StuRa is subdivided into several divisions (Referate) such as university policy, culture, events, finance, public relations and sports, amongst others, led by the two spokespersons. There is also a referent for foreign students who you can contact in case of need. All members dedicate a lot of time and energy to keep the StuRa running. Interested newcomers are therefore always welcome!

If you need more information or want to participate in shaping the university life, you can find the office in Geutebrück-Bau, room 101a or write an email. For further information please visit the website (content in German).

Fachschaftsrat (Student Committee)

The Fachschaften represent all students of one faculty and their interests. It responds to problems and questions concerning the faculty or degree course and is subdivided into several administrative bodies. There is mostly one person responsible for international students as well, but every student committee can decide on their own.

The Fachschaften are taking care of the introduction of first semesters, organise parties and sport events, decide about finance requests and represent YOU in all faculty related committees. The meetings take place every other Wednesday and are open for the public.

If you want to be a student representative and take actively part in shaping your student life, come to the meetings every other week or contact your student committee. You find more information following the links of this overview (content in German).

University Sports

Sport is a vital compensation for the stress received due to studying and working. Sport also keeps you fit and improves your physical and psychic performance. It strengthens your team spirit and helps to enhance the communication as well as the cooperation of the university members.

• You want to keep fit during your studies?
• You want to try a new kind of sports or continue yours?
• You are new at HTWK Leipzig and want to meet people?

Then apply for your favourite course(s)! They are open for all HTWK members (also ERASMUS+!) and affordable for everyone. The courses are led by competent instructors and start at the beginning of each semester. With us you can forget your everyday stress and make new acquaintances. Find more information here.

We are looking forward to your application:
Ready, steady, go!

Contact: hochschulsport (at)

Studium Generale

In order to be successful in your future job, subject-specific skills alone are no longer enough. Professional demands will change within the next 20 years. The Studium generale therefore aims to equip students with interdisciplinary knowledge, which enriches their degree courses. We want to support you with honing your personal competencies and especially help you to deal with the consistent change. We create an open space, where socially relevant topics as well as scientific and technological issues can be discussed. The education of the people has priority.

Our semestral offer ranges from weekly lecture series and seminars to excursions and classes with experimental character and are open for all HTWK students. Find more information about the whole course programme and how to apply here (content in German).

Contact: studiumgenerale (at)

Ba-Hu Elferrat e.V. (Council of eleven)

We, the Ba-Hu Elferrat, make sure there is no boredom, because we have been celebrating carnival with you for over 60 years! Our distinctive feature is the black carpenter uniform we usually wear. For more than 60 years we have been very happy to maintain close contact with the University of Applied Sciences (HTWK). We support HTWK Leipzig and their student representatives at various events.

Our carnival season is divided into different events:
1) Season opening on 11 November at 11:11 am in the Geutebrück-building of HTWK Leipzig. After the ceremonial opening the students can join a lecture full of fun, humour and music.
2) Our so called Kleiner Fasching takes place on the evening of 11 November! We will have a great show with an amazing party afterwards!
3) Our major event, also known as Großer Ba-Hu Fasching, is on the last day of examinations in February. We offer you a spectacular show, a great band and an amazing DJ.

You want to experience great events, meet new people and rock on stage? Then join us in our weekly meeting! Come along every Monday at 6 pm or find us on our homepage. Since the meeting room is changing, please contact us here. We are looking forward to getting to know you!

Contact: info (at)


Please visit the HTWK Orchestra on their website.

Impro Theatre

Do you like to perform plays, but are too lazy to memorize the dialog? Then you should take a closer look at Improvisiation Theatre (or just "Improv")! "Schwarzpulver" is an amateur Improv-group consisting of students from HTWK Leipzig and Leipzig University from all kinds of careers. We play the so called "Short-Form-Improv", which centers around the improvisation of short plays with a focus on comedy. We practice weekly to improve our skills in all important areas, for example in storytelling or pantomime. If you're interested in participating and speak German fluently, just write us an email or check out our homepage. Experience in performing arts is not requiered, but doesn't hurt either ;-)

Contact: schwarzpulver-htwk (at)

Concrete Canoe Team

We are a small group of students - mainly studying civil engineering - aiming to develop and construct canoes made from textile-reinforced concrete. Every two years and at different places in Germany, the InformationsZentrum Beton e.V. organises the Betonkanu-Regatta (Concrete Canoe Race). All universities and technical schools in Europe are invited to design their own concrete canoes and compete against each other in various competitions. All year round, we're looking for enthusiastic fellows who are passionate about constructive challenges, manual work and sportive competitions. Of course, all of this is combined with a lot of fun!

It doesn’t matter if you’re studying architecture, media informatics or economics – everyone’s welcome. Interested? Check out our website (in German), find us on Facebook or send us an email. We're looking forward to hearing from you.

Contact: betonkanu (at)

All members of the student group "Council of Eleven"
Group picture of the Nao Team HTWK Leipzig with their roboter soccer
Group picture of the concrete canoe team in front of a river with a canoe
Carnival Party with many people in costumes
Group picture of the theatre group "Schwarzpulver"
The team of concrete canoe builders is canoeing on a river
Different models for the Bridge-Building Contest are displayed
Group picture of the HTWK Orchestra