HTWK Leipzig: Many good Reasons

There are many reasons why studying at HTWK Leipzig is a good idea. We are now focusing on the most important facts. You will find out about many more advantages as soon as you begin your studies here.

Study Programme

HTWK Leipzig is outstandingly set up in the areas of engineering, economics and cultural studies with 45 degree programmes and seven faculties. All degree programmes are accredited by renowned agencies. Our regionally unique selling point is the wide range of engineering programmes.


There are no tuition fees at HTWK Leipzig. Public transportation is already included in the semester fee. Especially the comparatively low rental rates make Leipzig an attractive home for students. Scholarships also help with financing your studies. Here you can find more information.


Our close cooperation with the economy is one reason for the great career opportunities of HTWK graduates. HTWK Leipzig has an excellent reputation with employers due to the quality of teaching and research. Of course, graduates have to fend for themselves by presenting their individual strengths but still, a degree from HTWK Leipzig can be helpful to get a foot in the door.


HTWK Leipzig with its extensive network offers the best requirements for a successful career. The close cooperation with regional companies provides above average job opportunities for our graduates. More than 100 international partner universities enable an international network. The network-mindset is reflected in our mission statement.


Leipzig is a booming city. Leipzig is #thebetterberlin and #hypezig and still affordable. 6,200 students at HTWK (and some ten thousands of students from Leipzig University and other institutions of higher education) provide the city with a certain homey feel. Those who come to Leipzig want to stay. Or at least, they want to come back.


HTWK Leipzig is situated at the heart of the city, in the hip Südvorstadt. Everything you need for your studies, for life and for fun is within walking distance. The campus buildings themselves are modern and time-honored. You will find the library, laboratories, the cafeteria, computer pools, seminar rooms and lecture halls are designed for your needs.