Research Profile of HTWK Leipzig

HTWK Leipzig is pooling competences in four teaching and research areas. The respective areas are based on the strengths and potential of HTWK Leipzig and the current and future demand of economy and society.

Within this framework, clusters are formed which contribute to forming new networks and activating synergies. They are essential to the strategic measures of the university.

Our Profile

Construction & Energy

Sustainable construction concepts and resource-friendly energy use to preserve the environment


Research Focus

  • Innovative materials, construction and processes
  • Sustainable energy generation
  • Reliable, intelligent supply networks
  • Preservation of structural assets
  • Energy industry
  • Energy efficiency and performance optimization
  • Sustainable construction
  • E-mobility


Engineer & Economy

Usage of tools and methods to shape value-added processes


Research Focus

  • Production technology
  • Risk and opportunities management
  • Design optimization
  • Media industry
  • Mechatronics and computational engineering
  • Generalist management
  • Mathematical modeling


Life Science & Engineering

Innovations to improve the quality of life while facing the challenges of social change


Research Focus

  • Life science management
  • Life style research
  • Biotronic systems and biosignal processing
  • Medical information technology
  • Human-Technology-Interaction
  • Exposure assessment


Media & Information

Communication and information supported by media in a knowledge-based society


Research Focus

  • Software technology and security
  • Distributed and embedded systems
  • Media and mixed reality
  • Electronic services and workflow technologies
  • Functional surfaces
  • Knowledge transfer for cultural heritage and lifelong learning
  • Reception of technology, products and media