Studentenwerk Leipzig

Studentenwerk Leipzig is a service provider with a social mission. They take care of the Student Restaurants and Cafeterias and the Student Halls of Residence, support Students’ Mobility and offer advice for everyone in personally difficult situations. They also organise various events specifically for international students, such as the International Café, which takes place at the Mensa Peterssteinweg once per semester. Take a look at their range of services and do not hesitate to contact them if you have questions or need any kind of help.


Studying is demanding and everyday student life may possibly become a burden. Studentenwerk Leipzig provides all students with assistance in difficult personal situations and under special circumstances free of charge and anonymously. Take a look at which advice you need and do not hesitate to get in touch:

Psychosocial Counselling

Studying itself as well as student life may be demanding and challenging. It is therefore not unusual that you have difficulties studying, personal conflicts, or are mentally stressed. Whether you doubt that you chose the right field of study, are afraid of an examination, have stress or self-doubt, you will always find help and will be given professional advice and individual support in solving your personal problems!

Contact: studierendenberatung (at)
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Legal Assistance

Students who have questions or need advice concerning legal issues may contact StudentenwerkLeipzig Legal Advice or Legal Assistance offices free of charge and without prior appointment.

Contact: Sylvia Groffik (+49 341 9659 811)
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Social Counselling

The social counselling service supports students with questions concerning their studies, money and family, amongst others. Either you need help with a residence title for a specific purpose, face a fincancial emergency or in case your studies are endangered, the councelling team will listen to your trouble and will help to develop approaches to solve your problems. You can find more information here.

Studying with child(ren)
Mothers-to-be and parents-to-be have a multitude of questions – from organizing to financing their studies when they have a baby. Studentenwerk Leipzig provides solutions and family-friendly service through various offers.

Contact: Regina Engelhardt (+49 341 9659 941)
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Studying with a disability or chronic diseases
Students with disabilities or chronic diseases can seek individual advice or rent a disabled-friendly apartment at the social counselling office of StudentenwerkLeipzig.

Contact: Julia Winkler (+49 341 9659 942)
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Studies and Job

If you want to bump up your monthly income, like many students, you can start a side job. Either a few hours a week or even a full-time job are possible. Find your right student job via Studentenwerk Leipzig or at the HTWK Leipzig Jobs Portal.

Student Job Office

The students job office of Studentenwerk Leipzig offers a vast variety of student jobs in different domains. But be aware of how much you can earn in accordance with your health insurance, residence status and especially with the personal income tax! The job agents of Studentenwerk Leipzig can give you answers.

Contact: Susann Pianski-Lehmann and Gudrun Stohl (+49 341 9659 630)
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HTWK Leipzig Job Portal

HTWK Leipzig and its students enjoy a good reputation amongst employers. More than a hundred job offers every month are evidence for that. You can find the latest vacancies and internships here.


Student Restaurants and Cafeterias

Studentenwerk Leipzig runs six student restaurants and ten cafeterias in various university locations throughout Leipzig. The most known student restaurant is the Mensa am Park directly at the Leipzig University campus. It has the most variety of foods and the longest opening hours.

However, for most HTWK students the Mensa Academica is the closest option. It offers a large range of tasty, good value meals: daily-changing dishes, pasta with various sauces, grilled dishes or dishes prepared in a wok, vegan and vegetarian food, salads, and desserts. Furthermore, the cafeteria offers good breakfast and snack deals as well as drinks and coffee variations. How to pay and FAQ you can find under this link.

Contact: Gerald Hoffmann