Mission Statement


Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK Leipzig) is one of the leading institutions of higher education in Saxony, Germany, and is establishing itself as one of Europe’s major educational centres. A long tradition of engineering, business and cultural sciences are the foundation for the special combination of diverse interdisciplinary courses of study offered at HTWK Leipzig.

Students, professors and university staff alike are partners in scientific education and research at HTWK Leipzig. Our graduates are responsible, conscientious contributors to the professional world and to society. This is achieved through an educational process based on applied scientific research and teaching, and competency fueled by lifelong learning.


We are actively committed to making the diverse, multi-networked HTWK Leipzig one of Europe’s top universities of applied sciences.

HTWK Leipzig’s principle of creating collaborative networks sets the framework for achieving our strategic objectives. Our four main fields of activity are as follows:


Interdisciplinary teaching and research, and systematic cooperation with our partners from science, business, administration and culture, are cornerstones of HTWK Leipzig.

We create innovative study programmes with a practical focus, developing our course offerings to meet the dynamic demands of today’s changing society.

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HTWK Leipzig is an innovative partner for enterprises, administration and culture, providing impetus for initiatives in the community and the region, while serving as a centre of engineering competence for Leipzig and the surrounding area. As a centre of quality academic learning for the region, we support all levels of education.

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The strategic development of international relationships is a key principle for our globally-oriented university. HTWK Leipzig promotes intercultural competence for all university staff and students, and actively supports the mobility of our students through a variety of international study programmes.

Our professors and staff participate in a wide array of opportunities to develop and expand international research and teaching cooperation.

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Our university is designed as a dynamic centre for communication and learning. Alumni, emeriti and former staff members maintain long-lasting ties with our alma mater. We attain integration and equality, with special consideration given to our international students, families and those with disabilities or other special needs. Our working together in socially responsible partnerships includes the active promotion of a strong sense of identification, motivation and accomplishment.

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